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Best Brunch in Toronto’s West End

Toronto has a plethora of brunch places. As I’ve recently immigrated to West of Dufferin it’s taken me a little while to find the best brunch without having to wait in any painful lines. Let me share with you my findings

Ruby’s Must-Try Restaurants for Fall 2014

The Toronto restaurant scene is a mecca for foodies. The amount of restaurants opening/closing and re-branding is slightly overwhelming.  It’s a vicious industry where the food fans of the city will love you and leave you once the next coolest…

El Caballito Tequila y Tacos: A Review

Tacos are a hot topic among Torontonians. If you’re a La Carnita person and your friend is a Grand Electric person – it’s possible you’ll never be able to eat tacos together. Personally, I’m a Seven Lives-er. However, I recently discovered…