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The Joy of Cooking Vegan with Vanessa Chamberlain

I love cooking and am always looking for new ways to eat healthy, so when the opportunity to review a new cookbook presented itself, I jumped at it. In The Fire-Driven Life by lifestyle coach Vanessa Chamberlain, she encourages readers to accept a healthier…

NU Staff’s Guide to Summer Drinks

Feeling parched this summer? Itchy, dry mouth got you down? Never fear – our staff has rallied to create a one-of-a-kind list of Slammin’ Summer Cocktails to moisten your palette. Bottoms up!

Adventures In Organic Vegetable Boxes: Week 1

As an effort to eat more vegetables and have access to local produce I have signed up for an Organic Vegetable Box delivery program. Stay tuned as I try new recipes with the ingredients and attempt cooking with new ingredients.

DIY Thanksgiving. Cooking Tips for your First Friends-giving

It’s Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving has been one of my favourite holidays since I moved away to University and my friend taught how to cook (credit: MD). I had moved all the way from small town BC to Montreal, QC didn’t have any family around….