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That time I tried Muay Thai Kickboxing and got out of my #ComfortZone

In light of our whole team getting out of their comfort zones and trying something new – I tried kickboxing, something that I had always wanted to try. Not the cardio-focused, normal gym kick boxing but Muay Thai, martial arts, Kickboxing. This means your training with the pro’s who actually fight each other. Not doing random kicks to Madonna songs. Not that I’m against one or the other.

Album of the Week: Orphan by Empires

Empires have released their new EP “Orphan.” recently. I streamed the new album on Spotify Canada and was digging the haunting vocals laced over the upbeat drums and the indie heart. It reminds me of The Killers from their early days…

breaking benjamin band members

Breaking Benjamin are back!

After 4 years of silence, one of the most prominent bands of the 2000’s, Breaking Benjamin, are back and have reformed. With hit songs like “So Cold,” “Sooner or Later” and “Diary of Jane” – they are a band that…

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Summer is already in full swing, and ice cream has been a constant thought on my mind. Up until recently, I had yet to find that perfect ice cream parlour that would have me coming back for more. That is, until I discovered…