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SENSELESS, Austen would approve

On July 9th, for the people, a label to be introduced further in the near future, held its first creative event at Evergreen Brick Works: SENSELESS

Senseless [sens-lis]
1. Stupid or foolish, as persons or actions


NXNE’S inaugural two-day festival in the Port Lands this past weekend featured some of the best local and international artists in the music industry. Naked Underground was at 51 Commissioners St. on Saturday, June 18 to watch the likes of Father John Misty, Mother Mother and Born Ruffians perform.

Electric Island: Season Opener

Oh snap, it’s the weekend! Not just that, it’s the first (unofficial) long weekend of the summer. You know what that means. No, besides shorts, patios and BBQing… It’s the start of Electric Island season! This will be the fourth…

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land – A Review

Going into the viewing of the documentary Gary Numan: Android in La La Land, I knew nothing of the rock star in question. I’d read up on the doc and knew only that he was a British electronic musician from…

A Back Alley Interview With The Lipstick Junkies

I got a chance to chat with The Lipstick Junkies before their sold-out show at the Cameron House. We talked about their favorite bands, their multifarious influences and why they’re not afraid to make themselves look bad.

Meet Chance the Rapper: Tubman Of The Underground

Kanye West’s bizarre, yet compulsively engaging, album release for The Life of Pablo last week captivated the world. Besides being arguably the most well-produced album in decades, TLOP is a lyrical masterpiece with powerful themes and massive features. From Rihanna to…