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Staff Picks: The Rural Alberta Advantage #NakedMeg

The Rural Alberta Advantage (RAA)  is a Canadian indie rock band that formed in 2005 in Toronto and one of my many bands on my ‘Favorites’ list of my Ticketmaster account. If you haven’t heard of them, now you have, you’re welcome….

12 Favorite Moments of Osheaga 2014

Being back at work on the Monday following an intense and exhausting weekend spent at Osheaga has its positives, where you get to rub in people’s faces the amazing time you had and interesting stories you’re allowed to share, for at…

Toronto Urban Roots Fest 2014: A Recap

About halfway through the Violent Femmes’ set on Saturday, lead singer Gordon Gano said to the audience, “Now we’re gonna play some bluegrass”. Given the overall folksy atmosphere at Toronto Urban Roots Festival, that proclamation couldn’t have been more fitting…