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Drake Releases Music Video for Summer Hit, “Hotline Bling”

Over the course of the summer, one track in particular dominated the airwaves — Drake’s Hotline Bling. From July 31st until present day, “Hotline Bling” has remained one of, if not the most played song on radio stations operating in the Greater Toronto…

Give Toronto’s Female MCs the Mic

A review of the history of Drake’s influencer on Toronto’s MC scene and reflect on the lack of female MC’s being highlighted, while showcasing some of our top picks.

Ryan Gosling Nudes

Terrified musings on the death of print media and the rise of abbreviated thought in the age of the social.

Five Records to Eat Before Lunch

The only real difference between the pretentious, holier than thou reviews past and this one is the fact that I’ve thread the eye of the needle with a narrative. Take that out and you’re still left with a smattering of poorly placed furniture in a room that only I could find comfortable and therein lies the essence and structure of any artistic evaluation.

The Toronto Scene & A Certain Brand of Jealousy

“Wish I was born in New York / wish I was born in LA,” screamed with all the fury of a believer represent a certain brand of jealousy, one unique to our city. The opening lyrics of “Use Your Delusion,” from Toronto punk…