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Barista Crushes: Because You’ve Had One

In 2008, I was offered the lucrative position as a barista at Starbucks in downtown Montreal, though I would soon learn that pressing buttons and yelling at people does not actually qualify as being a barista, but that’s neither here…

The Single Girl’s Guide to Navigating Friend Advice

Being a single girl, dating is an integral part of my life, and while I don’t want to fulfill any stereotypes (although they are stereotypes for a reason), I often find myself sharing a bottle of wine with my girlfriends…

Age and Dating, It’s All Relative

It’s said that age doesn’t matter once your reach your twenties. I don’t think that age will ever ‘not matter’ in dating. I think more importantly, it starts to mean something different. There are some truths to dating and age….

10 Reasons Why Love is Like The Hunger Games

1. Dating often feels like you’re in the Hunger Games 2. Because sometimes (most times), love is a battle. 3.  And you know all is fair in Love and War. Just like with Peeta, Gale and Katniss. And President Snow…

Grouper – Find a catch without getting your feet wet

It’s this cool concept where you and two of your friends are set up with another set of friends (ultimately absolute strangers) and go on a “Grouper”. You simply register to this new way of online dating via your Facebook account.