Quick, Easy, and Absolutely Delicious Lentil & Coconut Milk Soup

I had a wonderful soup at Montreal’s Café Santropol a few weeks ago, and was obsessed with it for days. As I do with any food I like, I tried to recreate it at home using some of my favorite ingredients. Here it is, a very easy, very delicious lentil and coconut milk soup:

2 small onions
2-3 garlic cloves
1 hot pepper
3 medium carrots
1 tomato
2 -2 ½ tea spoons of your favorite curry paste
1 can of lentils
1 can of coconut milk
1-2 tea spoons of vegetable broth
Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper

*** please note that these quantities were determined to taste, feel free to add more or less of each, while keeping an acceptable level of liquid, and with the knowledge that this recipe is already perfect

Makes approximately 1 litre of soup

Chop vegetables coarsely (soup is to be blended, so its ok to have big pieces, but just remember they will take longer to cook)

In medium to large saucepan, add oil and warm over high heat. Once oil is hot, bring down heat to medium, add onions and sweat until clear. Stir in garlic and hot peppers, for up to a minute, stirring continuously so your garlic won’t burn. And finally, add you carrots. You want to sweat your carrots as well, until they are glossy.

Once your veggies look good, you can add the curry paste. I use about 2 tea spoons because otherwise the curry will overpower the rest of the ingredients. Once your curry paste is added to your veggies, stir it in well, and let cook, always at medium heat. You want to cook it otherwise it will be grainy. 5 minutes should be fine, and keep an eye on those veggies because you don’t want to burn them!

Add your tomatoes and lentils, and then coconut milk. Stir.

This combination usually requires about half a can of water (use coconut milk can to clean it), to which you can add the vegetable broth. Your liquid should now completely submerge your vegetables and lentils.

Bring to a boil, and down to a simmer, until your carrots are cooked.

Blend coarsely to have a thick, chunky soup, salt and pepper to taste.

And you’re done! Pretty easy. And, makes a great lunch, which you can pack in a Mason jar for your transportation needs!

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