Move Over Quinoa, There’s a New Superfood in Town and It Has An Awesome Name

“Freekeh!” No, not the 1978 disco song by Chic, but instead the new superfood that’s all abuzz.  I’m not really into new diet trends, but I have to admit I’m a sucker for health trends – I love learning about the health properties in my food (or lack thereof). So when Aroma Espresso Bar announced they were introducing a Freekeh Salad, it piqued my interest.  Quinoa has long been the darling of the superfood world; I can scarcely remember being invited to a dinner in the last year that didn’t feature some kind of quinoa dish. And while I was all aboard in the beginning, I am happy to have another option. Freekeh, which gets it’s name from the Arabic farake, referring to it’s wheat-roasting process, is high in protein, calcium, wholegrain fiber, and rich in probiotic properties. It’s low in carbs, has a low glycemic index and it’s vegetarian and kosher. I mean, there’s a reason they call it a superfood. freekeh












I have always been a fan of aroma. Its great to have the option for fresh healthy food on the go (or maybe it’s the chocolate they give me with coffee). Their power breakfast and Aroma Salad have fuelled many of my meals, so I was excited to try the Freekeh salad off of the new Savour Summer menu.  I have to say, my favourite part was the relish and the soft cheese. As Corporate Chef Geoff Scott encouraged us to do, it’s best to mix the ingredient rich salad and get a little with each bite. It was incredibly filling and very satisfying – I think will be a perfect option as the summer wears on. I would definitely suggest pairing it with their signature Ice Aroma coffee for the quintessential summer meal. Be sure to check it out when you’re there.Ice Aroma

And if you are interested in trying Freekeh on your own, it can be purchased from any health food store, many grocery stores and some food markets carry it as well.

Happy summer eating!



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