Cafe, Bar… Brunch

Chicken and Waffles

A recent addition to the west Dundas West neighbourhood is Café Bar Pasta which offers (you guessed it) Coffee, Bar offerings and of course, pasta. While the name is oddly descriptive it doesn’t do it justice. This rustic restaurant prides itself in serving unique dishes with quality ingredients. I was intrigued to check it out when they launched brunch last week. As brunch is my favourite meal I felt had to be there to try it on it’s first day.

Every detail of your experience is thought out, even your table setting from the handkerchief napkins to the colourful side plates. The meal starts off with warm mini carrot muffins for the table, which are delicious (and better because everything mini tastes better).

Coffee at Cafe Bar Pasta

The menu is diverse and the dishes are a unique take on traditional brunch. For example, they offer chicken and waffles but as a sandwich. Their Eggs Benedict is a duck egg on smoked salmon, fresh dill and a melt-in-your-mouth biscuit. The hollandaise is a perfect mix of creamy and lemony which so many brunch places can’t seem to perfect. As sides, the dishes come with different options like sweet potato salad, sweet potato homefries and mixed greens.

Eggs Benedict

The coffee is strong (this is a key point for me) and the music was eclectic but great. All in all, a good brunch experience. The best part is that while this restaurant is a high-end establishment, the pricing isn’t pretentious. Brunch ran me around $16 before tax which is reasonable considering the quality and the creative twist. Next up, I plan to try the dinner menu.

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