A3 Napoli, Pizzeria Libretto’s Newest Concept, Opens in Little Italy with a Loud Design


Deep Fried Goodies including Mac & Cheese Squares, Fried Dough and Fried Veggies (The best is the Rapini)

Little Italy has always been a great area, but it had started to lose it’s glamour as areas like Ossington took over the dining/party scene. In recent years as restaurants like Bar Isobel, La Carnita, Dailo and more recently Bar Raval hit the strip, the area is getting back to it’s former glory. The only thing it was missing? A more accessible option for authentic Italian Pizza: enter A3 Napoli. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are pizza restaurants in Little Italy (I know you’re saying ‘Diplo!’ right now), but either very fancy, or not as good as they used to be (just one girl’s opinion!).  This week I got to sneak in and preview the offerings from A3 Napoli, the collaboration between Porchetta & Co. and Pizzeria Libretto. And I can sum up the experience succinctly for you: Wow.

It’s Neapolitan style food on-the-go which means lots of deep fried goodies. From veggies, to dough (basically my idea of the perfect food), mac&cheese squares (mind blown yet?) and pizza. Yes, I said pizza. Deep-fried pizza. Made fresh in front of you in a custom built fryer. They are also offering traditional pizza, which unsurprisingly when you know who the creators are, is very good.

One thing you can’t help but notice as you enter the venue, is the bold design. The colours and the textures kind of blow yourScreen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.50.32 AM mind as you walk in, but they somehow all work together and compliment the food offerings and quick-service layout. The loud neon sign above the dining area, a design by Miniature Massive (the company behind the branding and website) on top of the gritty, distressed A3 is the epitome of the look and feel of the space (I think). That and the mural (also courtesy of Mm) which takes photos from the owners actual trip to Napoli, and others from Toronto’s own Reference library, make the space refreshingly unique.

All in all, it’s a great experience with great food and I suggest you head over there to try as it is officially open today (Friday, June 12th).


The pizza box heart, by Miniature Massive






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