A Craft Beer Review: Collective Arts Brewing

We love music here at Naked Underground, but there’s something that we find makes music just a little bit better: Beer. Recently a new craft beer has sprung out of the Hamilton mire that combines both of these loves into one, and its called Collective Arts Brewing. I happened to run into their rep, the friendly Kyle Wilson, who is clearly an expert on his subject matter. I took the opportunity to try a couple different kinds of their beer and at the same time, drill him with questions about this new offering. He did not disappoint, and neither did the beer. I’ve tried a lot of craft beer (like with music, I tend to prefer indie offerings) but I think this might be my new favourite (especially the Saint of Circumstance). And I don’t make a statement like that lightly! You have probably heard of them on Indie88; they are the ones bringing you the Collective Arts Black Box Sessions. Check out our conversation:

N_: Tell me about Collective Arts Brewing.rnr_gold_v2

Collective Arts Brewing fuses the creativity of craft brewing with the inspired talents of emerging artists and musicians. We were voted BEST NEW BREWERY IN ONTARIO in 2013 by RateBeer. Our flagship beer, Rhyme & Reason, was voted the BEST PALE ALE by the Canadian Brewing Awards. Our beers are among the highest rated on both RateBeer and UNTAPPD. We have a unique brand that creates a strong emotional connection with craft beer consumers. To date we have curated 6,000 artist’s submissions from 38 countries, featured 334 works of art and music on our labels and coasters and paid $66,800 to these artists.

N_: Why the collaboration with musicians? 

We are a grassroots beer company fusing the craft of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging and seasoned artists, musicians, photographers & filmmakers. Our brewery is dedicated to promoting artists and raising creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer. The nature of a craft beer drinker is an experiential individual looking to discover the latest and greatest offerings. Craft beer drinkers also tend to be artists themselves. Collective Arts Brewing offers a totally unique opportunity to connect musicians with their fans on another level. Whether you are an emerging band or musician
looking to be discovered, launching a new album, or looking to create buzz for an upcoming tour, Collective Arts offers benefits that will support a band’s efforts, bringing their talents to light in front of a whole new craft beer drinking audience. We are not only art enthusiasts, but lifelong members of the artist community. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 4.16.05 PMN_: There is an App that works with the label?Tell me about it.

Collective Arts Brewing extends the creativity of beer-making to the bottle labels, creating a unique pop-up gallery featuring the works of incredible artists, musicians, photographers and filmmakers. All Collective Arts labels are embedded with Blippar (TM) technology, which brings each individual artist’s story to life with interactive links to their bios, music and videos when scanned using the Blippar app on a Smartphone. Blippar uses state of the art visual recognition technology and creates an augmented reality (I don’t even know what I’ve just said) to make all of our limited edition labels and coasters.  

N_:What is Series 4, can you tell me a bit about it? 

We are currently in our fourth series of limited edition art. To date we have curated 6,000 artists’ submissions from 38 countries, featured 334 works of art and music on our labels and coasters, and paid $66,800 to these artists. We have just opened our “Call for Art” for Series 5. We encourage all artists to submit their art here: http://collectiveartsbrewing.com/series-five-call-for-arts/

N_: Why Hamilton as a hometown? 

Arts & Science Brewing Ltd, a partnership between Collective Arts Brewing and Better Bitters Saint of Circumstance_bottle_Nov 1 (1)Brewing Company, better known as Nickel Brook Brewing Co, will soon occupy the former Lakeport Brewery. The new venture will be up and running by this fall.

Brewing operations will occupy 40,000 square feet of the building, and the balance of 10,000 square feet is slated for hospitality and retail. The hospitality area will also include a gallery and live music space. Arts & Science Brewing Ltd. is committed to creating a destination for craft beer lovers, artists and musicians. 

Hamilton has a long history of being the home of many great breweries, but they are currently the largest city in Canada without a brewery. With Collective Arts taking over the old Lakeport brewing facility on Hamilton’s waterfront, it is the perfect embodiment of Hamilton’s transition from blue collar steel town to artist haven. Hamilton’s burgeoning art scene shows no signs of peaking anytime soon, especially with the continued growth of such events as Super Crawl.

N_: Which is your favourite beer?

Well there is good reason why Rhyme & Reason is one of the top rated beers in Canada. It is world class! Having said that, I find myself drinking our brand new Session IPA, State of Mind most often because it showcases the best hops have to offer, but its only 4.4%. So it wins by volume. I am really enjoying Saint of Circumstance, Blonde even more since we started using meyer lemon zest in the brew. We have brand new beer we call Ransack the Universe, Hemisphere IPA. It is our biggest beer to date (6.8% ABV, 85 IBU’s) and uses Galaxy hops from the southern hemisphere (Australia) and Mosaic hops from the northern hemisphere (US). In its limited premier, beer drinkers have been going bonkers for it. I can see it competing as a favourite (just not in volume). Trying a few of the test batches we have done on our Porter, Stranger than Fiction, it is a top performer in the dark beer category.  

N_: What else should we know?

Follow us on all of our social media outlets. Submit art. Ask for our beers at your local bar/restaurant; if they don’t carry it, ask them to. Buy our beers for a friend at the LCBO and TBS; if they don’t carry it, ask them to. Tell a friend about Collective Arts Brewing. Visit us as your local beer fest. Visit us in Hamilton (soon). Support your local artists. Support craft. Be excellent to each other!

 Well okay then!

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