Best Brunch in Toronto’s West End

Toronto has a plethora of brunch places. As I’ve recently immigrated to West of Dufferin it’s taken me a little while to find the best brunch without having to wait in any painful lines. Let me share with you my findings

Five Records to Eat Before Lunch

The only real difference between the pretentious, holier than thou reviews past and this one is the fact that I’ve thread the eye of the needle with a narrative. Take that out and you’re still left with a smattering of poorly placed furniture in a room that only I could find comfortable and therein lies the essence and structure of any artistic evaluation.

Mac Demarco: Canada’s Next Music Icon

What do you think of when you picture Mac Demarco. A true Canadian icon? Just a goofy nonsensical performer that calls his music genre jizz jazz? Someone whose deep music speaks beyond their crazy exterior? Or just some guy that…

Cold Specks is Back with a Tour and New Album

Cold Specks (Real name: Al Spx) is a 26 year old Canadian singer/songwriter from Toronto and has made a name for herself in the North American indie music scene and will continue to do that with her recently announced tour around the launch of her acclaimed new album Neuroplasticity.