Your Guide to the Toronto Blue Jays

With Major League Baseball play-offs in full swing and the Toronto Blue Jays poised to make some noise, I’ve made a guide to help you stay in the loop with everything Bluebirds. Before you leave the house in your navy blue, there are some important things you should know to keep yourself from being out of the loop with your friends and everyone else in Toronto.

Like in every sport, baseball players are generally called by their nicknames or a short form of their first or last name. Here is a list of some of the Jays names you will want to know:

Jose Bautista: Joey Bats. Anyone who has drank a Booster Juice, watched sports highlights or just left their house in the past five years is probably aware of this nickname of one of the leagues’ most well known players.

Troy Tulowitzki: Tulo. Not the most clever nickname out there but easier to say than Tulowitzki, and it’s fun to say.

Marcus Stroman: The Stro-Show.

Edwin Encarnacion: Ed-wing. The name is demonstrated in every one of Edwin’s home-run celebrations. You have about forty samples to choose from.

Josh Donaldson: The Bringer of Rain. Josh took this moniker from an episode of one of his favourite shows Spartacus, going as far as to making it his twitter handle.

Lesser known nicknames you can impress your friends with:

Roberto Osuna: Bobby bear- Osuna in English translates to bear. Robert’s short form is Bobby. It’s not rocket science.

Russel Martin: Speed Limit. Martin was given the nickname early in his career while playing for the LA Dodgers by Will Ferrell. The comedian, who is a Dodgers fan, labelled Russel, “Speed Limit,” in response to his speed around the bases.


Chris Colabello: Bing Bong. The origins of this nickname come from the movie Inside Out. Despite being a children’s movie, the complexities of the derivative of this one is beyond me.

David Price: Slim Duncan. Possibly a nickname only used by teammate Ryan Goins, but feel free to shout it at him on the streets to impress your friends.

Baseball Terminology

Home-run: Home dinger, grand salami, frozen rope, moon shot, tape-measure blast, tater, touch ’em all.

Ace: A teams best starting pitcher.

Bag: A base.

Caught looking: When a batter is called out on strikes not swinging. Not when you get caught peering in your neighbor’s window while they are changing.

Whiff: Strikeout.

South paw: A left handed pitcher or the predictable new boxing movie starring hunky actor Jake Gyllenhaal.


The Blue Jays have become well known around the league for their elaborate handshakes. With all the noise in the Rogers Centre this post season I think learning some sign language isn’t a bad idea.

Stir the Pot: Players mimic stirring a bowl or pot to encourage each other to keep a rally going.

stirring the pot

Stiff Arm: Edwin Encarnacion’s home-run celebration.


The Rain Maker: A favourite of Jose Bautista and Ryan Goins. The two mimic making it rain dollar bills after a scoring play. I once made it hail on a stripper, the results were obvious.

The Tap and Tug: The two participants tap fists twice down low, then wipe the dirt off each others shoulders.

Where to Watch

Toronto has many great places to watch the Blue Jays and that list is ever growing now that we are in the play-offs. For those of you sick of watching the game with your flatulent father, try one of these downtown hot-spots.

Rogers Centre: The obvious place to watch your home team play but with tickets reaching into the thousands of dollars maybe not the most practical for everyone. Also don’t be left out in the dark, true fans still call the facility the Skydome.

Real Sports: With hundreds of screens, a good vibe and located near Union Station and the Rogers Centre, this location is tough to get into but worth the try.

real sports bar

Any Bar: With nearly the whole city on the Jays bandwagon it’s hard to miss a play while out and about. I’d recommend buckling down somewhere with cheap drinks and the volume turned up, despite the annoying American announcers who have been forced upon us.

Now that you are privy to everything Blue Jays, go out and buy yourself a $170 jersey of an over-paid player who probably isn’t from Toronto and join your friends in something that hasn’t happened in 20 years. Remember when doing anything social media concerning your new favourite team, the Jays official hashtag for the play-offs is #cometogether.

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