The Youth Are Revolting 2016- GALLERY

The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto hosted a skateboard exhibit and silent auction on Friday, March 11th. The exhibit showcased artwork created in collaboration with high school students of the Oasis Skateboard Factory and local Toronto artists. Oasis is an alternative school design program that allows students to earn high school credits by building skateboards and running a design business. This year’s theme of teen stereotypes and rebellion shone through during the closing exhibit at the Gladstone, the artwork offering a rare glimpse into how teenagers themselves regard these stereotypes.

Artists includeKevin Harper, Ian Langdon, Lukus Toane, Andrew Scott, Alexa Hatanaka, Patrick Thompson Conrad Sandbacka, Paul Wolk, Beto Janz, Ben Ackerman, Andy Slater, Oleg Portnoy, CHAMPSTILES Woodburning, Ness Lee, Amanda B, Patrick Weir & Marc Pelland of FUSE, Bennett Klein, Well Preserved, Marko Neofotistos, Mary Tremonte, ROCK, Syrus Ware, Devin Boutcher, Lisa Farrows, MODEL CITIZEN, Kirsten Muenzberg, Beverly Furer, HOOKY Creative Co. with Jay Douglas, Lauren Hortie, Moises Frank, Jade Weir, Kelsey Whyte

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