The Weatherman: Kurt Inder

Growing up in Newfoundland isn’t easy.

Growing up isn’t easy anywhere, but the isolation of living on an island creates a cloud of nothingness that looms over the inspired.

I’m not talking about the City either. That’s where musicians perform and you have a mall with two floors. I’m talking about life in towns. Towns where people cut class to build cabins and ride dirt bikes to school. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you have ever overheard someone trying to sell rabbit meat to a teacher.

These are the places where you can only see one hit wonders and musicians past their expiry date perform your parent’s favorite hits. People over 32 and under 16 have the main say in what acts come to town and if you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch some random DJ/rapper play in a dive bar.

Where musicians sit in their bedrooms and fine tune their sounds before moving to the promised city of St. Johns. This way, people other than their graduating class can see them play.

This is the environment where Kurt Inder honed his skills. His music may not be able to solve all your problems, but it will give the butterflies in your stomach something to flutter along to, as you call somebodies phone number for the first…or last time.

Kurts latest release Sad Cool Natural is a slight departure from his usual self-proclaimed honesty pop. Sad Cool Natural, like Kurts sound in general, is hard to categorize because it’s hauntingly groovy. It’s something you would put on to calm yourself down when it seems like the whole world around you is going up in flames.

I reached out to Kurt, who‘s currently living in Halifax and asked him a few questions.

How has moving to Halifax changed the direction you want to go in and your music now?
Moving to Halifax has been nice. There are lots of great people here making really great music and it’s nice to be around that. I think the move has given me the urge to continue to make music and to be creative.

Who are your influences?
I mostly draw influences from memory or the seasons. If I were to try and pinpoint a musician, I would name one and then change my mind and so on. Some songs come without influence too.

A lot of people call your stuff bedroom pop. If you could give your music a genre, what would you choose? Real or even made up:
If I were to categorize my own music. Which I feel weird doing. I’d say its juvenile jazz pop with RnB, or just juvenile.

Are you signed to anyone or are you just doing your own thing?
I’m just doing my own thing now, I guess. I’m putting out music with friends under small labels. Keep in Touch records had me on a comp a few months ago and they are soon releasing a compilation of my shittiest work. Sad Cool Natural is being released by Fan Club (Hey Emily! Hey Sam!)

Tell us some pet peeves
I hate being damp and smoking cigarettes.

Any upcoming shows?
I’m playing at Black Buffalo Records and Menz bar in Halifax, NS on October 10th and then Plan B on the 13th.

Buy or stream Sad Cool Natural and hear more of Kurts music on bandcamp

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