Return to Electric Island: an N_ Preview

The Electric Island Summer Concert Series continues this Wednesday, July 1st. Celebrate our home and native land’s birthday by dancing all day. The series started this past Victoria Day long weekend and it was a great time. If you missed out, you can check out my quick review of the Electric Island opener.

If you didn’t go last time there’s a SoundCloud mix to whet your appetite. Speaking of appetite, Sapporo is sponsoring the event, so don’t expect any craft beer. This is a sore spot for me and I’ve griped about this before, but at least the food is good. Also, security is strict about not bringing your own water and snacks in. There are water stations though, so bring your own (empty) water bottle.

I didn’t know any of the DJs last time I went, but came away with a few new favourites. After listening to the provided mix for this round of DJs, I can say I am pretty excited. Names to check out for sure are Dennis Ferrer (US), Lee Foss (US)  and Marcel Dettmann (Germany). If you make it to the island early I suggest enjoying the people watching. Maybe you’ll spot the dancing pickle again! There were also ping pong tables set up last time by SPiN Toronto. The dance party really gets going around the 4 pm mark.

If I can offer any advice after visiting the island twice for festivals so far this summer, it is this: take the water taxi if you have the cash or take the Centre Island ferry and walk over if you have the time. This will save you from feeling like a packed sardine in a crushed tin can. Same goes for leaving the island. Don’t forget your sunblock and possibly a poncho, the way the weather has been lately, expect anything. See you there!

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