No Light? No Problem.

While today may be focused on chronic, I’d like to take a moment to thank our fallen heroes. These unnamed soldiers have perished in the trenches leading up to 4/20, and deserve a shout out. I’m talking about lighters- the most stolen item in the history of anything.

You know how it goes. A bunch of friends come over for a session and after everyone gets lifted and goes home. You wake up and try to spark a bowl, but can’t find anything to light it with. You could have sworn you went to bed with at least two lighters, but now you’re the owner of a highlighter and three dead lighters.

Be it subconscious or purposeful- lighters always find their way into somebodies pockets. Luckily, stoners are low-key engineers and I can provide some Mcgyver like methods to get you smoking.

Solar Tokes
This is when you get a magnifying glass and harness the power of the sun gods like the Mayans before us. What you want to do is place the magnifying glass over your bowl and wait for the suns rays to become magnified and start burning the green. This is the purest form of smoking as you are harnessing all the elements for your buzz. The magnifying glass can also be replaced with a water bottle, beer can or anything that can focus sunlight.

Jailhouse Lighter *proceed at your own risk
This method was recently brought back to the spotlight thanks to Orange is the New Black and requires a bit of a safety warning. What you’ll need are: a battery, kindling and some foiled paper (gum or cigarette wrappers). Cut the foil into a sliver and fold it over itself to make a connector. Hold the battery over your kindling and attach each end of the wrapper to the positive and negative ends and a small fire should light. Try to catch the kindling on fire with the small flame and then dip the end of your joint in.

This is one of the oldest and greasiest methods of lighting and is pretty self-explanatory. All you need to do is turn on either appliance and wait for the coils to heat up and then just push paper or the end you want lit into the coils. Style points for not using your hands when lighting.

Knife Hits
Another method that utilizes a house stove is knife hits. All you need are two knives and a heated element. Hold the tips of the knives until they start glowing red from the heat and then place a small amount of weed on a blade and smush it in between the other. As the smoke rises you can lean over and inhale or cut the top of a pop bottle and use it as a funnel. All this hot metal will cause your nug to burn and your body to lift.

*Remember- you’re trying to get inebriated so practice safety in everything you do. NU isn’t responsible for missing eyebrows.

*NU does not encourage drug use. Use at your own risk.

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