Electric Island 2016 Season Opener: Everyone to the Island!!

We, at Naked Underground, are very excited that Electric Island is back for another year. I’ll be honest, I was only only on the island for approximately four hours. That doesn’t seem like much of a day, sure, but it took a while just to get to the island. It was the first long weekend of the year with great weather. The ferries were packed. Everyone seemed to be heading over to the island; it was obviously the place to be. Once I got there, I had a great time chilling in the sun to some great beats and one of the best jerk chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had!

As always, the service was great at Electric Island, always making the experience really enjoying.  This year a notable change was that they upped the creative look of the stage area, including small details like mirrors in the trees. This added detail was a nice addition from years past.

By the time I arrived I caught the tail end of Job Jobse’s set and the switch over to DJ Tennis (I think something went awry with his gear, because he did not seem that impressed) but I dug the groove.  Jobse played some great music and seemed to be having a lot of fun up there. It was a great summer vibe and a good way to kick off the season. It was around this time that I decided to eat. Props to the Electric Island people for providing some excellent artisan food truck choices. Also, smart move by Come and Get It (@comeandgetit416) to advertise their mango jerk chicken out by entrance gate. It took me less than ten minutes to find them, place my order and bite into decadent mix of spice, tang and char. It was so good in fact, I may have ordered another when I left.

By the time Jamie Jones was starting, the long lines to get there and a full day of beer, sun and two sandwiches took its toll on me and I decided to head home. I biked across to Ward’s side of the island, had a quick pint at the always lovely cafe while I waited for the ferry home. A good way to end the first long weekend of summer I’d say, and a great way to kick off Electric Island for the season.

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