Witness: Angel Olsen

I think the singer songwriter indie folk act has been coming back, at least for me recently. There’s been a number of acts I’ve discovered the last few months, and each one surpasses the last in my regard. What is it about a birth name instead of a band name? Is it that there’s a much greater chance we will believe all the lyrics are genuinely about the persons singing them to us?

There something about Angel Olsen‘s singing style that has kept her on personal favorite repeat for a while. She has an attention to rhythm, cadence and emphasis that sounds effortless, but at the same time, you have to believe painstakingly crafted. Start up her third album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, and only the coldest of hearts wouldn’t instantly melt to “Unfuckthewolrd.” She goes from droning to soulful at the turn of phrase, and can take you from a European street corner to Midwest highway truck stop .
Here’s the music video for forgiven forgotten.

And this is my favorite track off the album, sorry there’s no video for it.

This is a live performance from last year—just her and her guitar, which I imagine will make up a part of her set.


Angel Olsen is performing at Il Motore on May 28 with guests Promised Land Sound.


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