What’s New With The Franklin Electric?

“One of the hardest things to have for the artist is to feel so connected to their art that everything disappears: pressure, style, what is this, what is that. I’m just doing this and this means so much to me,” explains Jon Matte, heartbeat and frontman of Montreal-based band The Franklin Electric. Matte wrote and produced the album alongside Rob Heaney, award-winning mixing and recording engineer.

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While dabbling in the Montreal music scene, Jon Matte met Martin Desrosby, Liam Killen, and Alexis Messier who later joined The Franklin Electric and composed This Is How I Let You Down.



This Is How I Let You Down is an album reminding us that all humans share universal emotions. The ebb and flow of the 11 tracks are a beautifully arranged to reflect on the self and bring you back to your center. The seamless melodies and transitions are strung together by a strong brass section nesting on a bed of acoustic guitar and soft percussion. Matte reminisced on playing trumpet in high school and decided to add this unique flair to his music.

The record, released May 2014, revolves around its title track while exploring all different areas of similar themes— loss, isolation, hope, finding yourself. “When you do a record, it’s like a photograph of a moment in time” explains Matte, “there is a communion between the themes and the feelings and they all come from that same moment in time.”

Listen to This Is How I Let You Down here.

When asked how he wanted people to feel after listening to his album Matte simply replied, “I just want them to feel.”


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“Music is bullshit at the end of the day. Life is more important. People, relationships, love, how to be a human being, finding your spirituality, understanding yourself, being a better person, failing, getting back up… that’s what the album is about and that’s what I think everybody in life is going through on certain levels” – Jon Matte.

So what can fans and new comers expect when seeing them play live? “Either come and don’t have any expectations or come and check out some music.” The Franklin Electric is a dynamic band and you can be sure to experience everything from the little to the big moments in music. Matte also hints that the band is trying out a bunch of new song ideas— so keep your ears open!

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The Franklin Electric’s new album is still in the making. It’s too early to tell exactly how the album will sound. However, Matte guarantees with new influences and sounds, the new album will be different while maintaining a connection to emotional and sonic masterpiece, This Is How I Let You Down.

If you missed them at The Drake Underground last week. You can always track them down at Osheaga this year.


All photos by the talented Megan Ewing @MewingCreative

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