Viet Cong announces Toronto show & Album Launch


Well you can relax now, I’ve found your new favourite band. The solution to the inevitable drama of “I need new music.”:

It’s Viet Cong.

Not only is this 4-piece great, they’re Canadian,hailing from Calgary, Alberta. And they’ve just announced a Toronto show at The Garrison on January 31st. Their self-titled debut album hits shelves on January 20th. Their single Continental Shelf is the perfect Winter song with its foreboding sound and hypnotic rhythm. They remind me of an early Wolf Parade, which if you know me, is high praise. You’re probably going to want to turn the volume up to 11 and listen to this track while dancing in your underwear.. or that’s just me.  This is a band you should probably listen to right now, and conveniently enough, I’ve included the official video right here. You’re welcome.

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