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Kate Todd has been praised as “Canada’s newest country music sweetheart.” Hailing from small-town Innisfil, ON, Kate’s multifaceted career as an actress/singer/songwriter began when she landed a lead role in Family Channel favourite, Radio Free Roscoe in 2003. Since then, she’s appeared in numerous TV shows and is now focusing on her burgeoning music career. eOne Music has just signed her and is distributing her sophomore album, Anywhere With You, set for a Spring launch.

Below is Kate’s most memorable music moment:

“My most memorable Toronto musical moment was actually spread over a couple of days back in 2006 when the Rolling Stones were in town. I wanted to get my Dad a signed album for his birthday. It was a media frenzy that first day at their rehearsal space at a college on Mount Pleasant in Toronto, where I was waiting with a horde of other fans to see the Stones. I ended up being randomly interviewed by Joe Warmington the “Night Scrawler” from the Toronto Sun, and then CTV filmed my signing of Satisfaction for their evening news! 

I had made friends with their tour manager, Guardy and by now I had gotten Mick and Keith to sign my dad’s Beggar’s Banquet album, but I still hoped to get Charlie and Woody’s autographs. I returned the next day and was across the street walking over to the college, when I noticed Guardy waving me over. I ran over to the building and out walks Ronnie Wood from the lobby and says ‘Hi Kate, I’ve heard lots about you!’  I was, of course, shocked. I asked him to autograph their Love You Live album that was recorded in Toronto and he kindly obliged. Then to my surprise, he says he knows that I act and am a singer and asks me for my autograph!  I of course happily signed my head shot that I had with me from the audition I had just come from.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

Later I randomly met my friend Jorge who had worked sound on the set of Radio Free Roscoe, and who I hadn’t seen since the show, and he asks “Kate, what’s going on? I go upstairs and I see Mick’s music and his music stand, and beside that is Keith’s music and his music stand, and there’s Charlie’s music stand and then I see Ronnie’s music stand with his music and head shot right beside it!  How did that happen?”  That was one of the most exciting moments of my life and Dad loved his birthday present!”

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