The GC Series: Brews Willis’ Music Moment Told Through Instagram

Like a wild animal, the party Toronto’s Brews Willis started with 2012’s Nerped by a Zircon must adapt to its surroundings, and that’s where Brews Willis’ sophomore album comes in. The guitars still shred, the bass still bruises, and the drums are still as relentless as the pounding in your head the morning after. The only difference is that Brews Willis is older, wiser, and more mature. Sounding like the Exploding Hearts filtered through skate punk and a two-four of something cheap and chilled, Party’s Over is the the sound of Brews Willis all grown up with their fists still in the air.

Here’s a collection of photos showcasing Brews Willis’ most memorable music-related moments of the past year:

“We were trying to think of a story of our favourite band or musical moment over the past year or whatever and couldn’t really remember anything longer then a few days ago. Duh.

So in order to jog some memories (as I do most morning afters) I checked back through our Instagram to see what we’d been up to.

So yeah, this is a little highlight reel jog, back through time of all the cool shit we do that’s related to music. 99% of our Instagram is non music related so this should be a quick, high quality summary.”

brews1March 9th 2014: Ross takes his first (but not last) bong hit underwater while playing guitar. This string of events set forth the tone and direction for our musical tastes over the next 12 months.

brews2April 7th 2014: We start listening to and announce that we’re opening for the @skatersnyc show. Such a rad band – if you don’t know them, you should check them out.

brews3May 8th 2014: We DJ a rad party with Connect Four and drink a ton of @pistonheadca thanks to @weareabco @pledgemusic and@rollplaycafe.

brews4May 21st 2014: We fly to LA to record our new album #PartysOver. We have a blast and party a ton and see a few rad shows I can’t remember.

brews5August 3rd 2014: We go see Our girl @thenewclassic rocking @veld and it totally rocks #sucks.

brews6August 13th 2014: Ross starts teaching our songs to the newest member of the band.

brews7Oct 7th 2014: We go see @mxpxpx live at @leespalaceTO and time-warp back to high school.

brews8Oct 9th 2014: We see @Nas perform #illmatic live in the front row and we totally lose our shit. Best.

brews9Dec 25th 2014: We pack up our RV and head to Nicaragua to play a sold out NYE show. We wake up sometime in Jan 2015.

brews10Jan 22nd 2015: We get invited to this industry party with The BB Guns who are all #turbobabes And @puptheband #wearethesupergroup.

To connect with Brews Willis, you can visit them at:

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