Staff Picks 2015: Tame Impala & Fuzz

Staff Picks 2015-

The first in our series, NakedAdam looks back on his favourite album and artist of 2015.

So it’s January 5th, we’re already five days into 2016 and 2015 is over. It’s now a part of the ‘good old days’ and it ended just as you were starting to remember to write 2015 on the date instead of 2014. As a distraction from all the people you’re going to meet in the next few weeks saying things like ‘’Can’t believe it’s 2016 already’’, we’re going to be doing our Staff Picks series. Looking back on all that happened last year to help you reminisce about those crazy, heady 2015 days while you stumble your way through January and February.


Tame ImpalaCurrents

Currents Tame Impal

I mean it just has to be this doesn’t it? Well, for me it does anyway, it’s been a very Tame Impala heavy year. A band that are popular enough back in England but one that I’ve heard so much more and really got into since moving over here. I have always struggled to pick favourites and still as I write I don’t know if it’s possible to pick one album out of everything that has come out this year. This album though, it’s just perfect. As soon as ”Let It Happen” dropped as a single earlier on in the year you knew that the next offering from Kevin Parker was going to be different from Lonerism, just as Lonerism was a world away from Innerspeaker before it. Right the way through from ”Nangs” to ”New Person, Same Old Mistakes” the narrative is centred on personal progression and development. How we change as we move through life, in and out of relationships and how this isn’t necessarily always a bad thing: ‘’They say people never change but that’s bullshit, they do’’. This isn’t just an album that is lyrically different from previous Tame Impala records; it’s synth and keyboard heavy, the chugging baselines and guitars still feature but they are surrounded in a sound reminiscent of the 80’s and one that makes you wanna swing those hips. Maybe Kevin Parker learned some tricks from his work with Mark Ronson? Before this album came out he said that he wanted to make music that made people want to dance and with Currents, he’s more than achieved that as just 5 minutes ago I was dancing around my living room. Also need to shout out to the best song on the album, ”Cause I’m A Man”, my fucking jam. Right from the moment I heard this song- I knew it was going to stay with me forever. Trust me, one day in the future you’re guaranteed to find me in specialised housing for old people- moaning along with the woman featured in the song and screaming about how I’m a man.


Fuzz – Ty Seagall, Chad Ubovich, Charlie Moothart


While this year has been a Tame Impala heavy one, they haven’t been the only band that I’ve turned into a 14-year-old groupie over. I discovered Fuzz completely by chance, for some reason I’d left the annoying Youtube shuffle button turned on and I was halfway through their debut album, loving every minute of it, before I even realised what it was. Fuzz are one of Ty Seagalls many side projects; the man is insane- a prolific musician. This is dirty ”stoner rock” at its finest. From 14 minute epics George R.R Martin would be proud of, to 2-minute riots that leave you breathless from throwing yourself head first into everyone you know. Listening to Fuzz is almost what I imagine hearing Black Sabbath must have been like years ago, the music and Ty’s vocals a beautiful homage to the band. What I love about them though is the cult status, when I stumbled across the first album on youtube it had 300,000 views – not exactly Billboard #1 material. But then again that isn’t Fuzz’s demographic. I went to see them twice this year, once back in Manchester and at The Hoxton in Toronto. I wasn’t expecting a busy night either time, as no one seemed to know who these guys were, even though they are incredible. I was pleasantly surprised though as both clubs were packed and that show at The Hoxton was the musical highlight of my year. Packed to the rafters and a crazy pit of emotion. I hope to God you were there because it leaves me at a loss for words even now. Then came the second album (fucking incredible) and now I can’t get enough of Fuzz.


So that’s me and mine. Tame Impala and Fuzz. Couldn’t be further apart but couldn’t be more defining to my first full year in Canada.

Honourable mentions go to Mac DeMarco, The War On Drugs, Jamie XX and Father John Misty.

Here’s to 2016 everyone. Here’s to more music, sweaty gigs and undiscovered bands. And here’s to the world not ending and it being shit… #newyearnewme.



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