Review: Coin & Passion Pit at the Danforth Music Hall (OR: A Grumpy Gen Xer Hangs Out With Millennials)

I came into this show on a bit of a music high from the day before. I had met someone incredibly cool and had a day long discussion that involved us sharing our love of the same music which sounded a lot like, “of course, but have you heard…”, “I LOVE THEM!”, etc… So I was in a great mood and ready for some awesome music. I made my way up front for a good photo vantage point and planted myself between some fellow height-challenged concert-goers over which I solidly had a good decade and a half seniority over. What was I getting myself into?


I never actually heard this band before. A solid 4 piece, but maybe a little too much like a good high school battle-of-the-bands winner. Granted, they were full of energy and were getting the (young) crowd going, but I felt they were a bit generic and found my mind wandering, noticing that their band name on the skin of the bass drum which had excellent kerning (the spacing between letters). Overall, they were a good choice as an opener for Passion Pit.


For someone who grew up watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling I was listening to an LP at 45 rpms. Don’t get me wrong, the music was enjoyable and I definitely felt the energy of the crowd. With almost a dozen keyboards and a good drummer, it’s not hard to get your body into a groove. But let me put it this way, I was glad I had my attenuating ear plugs in, there was just too much treble for me… apparently, I am all about that bass.

I did enjoy the fact that Michael Angelakos, who is Passion Pit, really got the crowd going and bounced from one side of the stage to the other. For me a lot of Passion Pit’s new album sounds the same, so an animated stage presence is a must, or else it would just be a wash of trebly keyboard blips.

The crowd definitely went nuts — I may have grooved a little harder — for the set-ending track Take a Walk. A great way to leave the crowd wanting more. The encore and night, which ended relatively early (it was a school night), finished with the appropriately titled Sleepyhead. These youngsters definitely have more energy than I do. I think I was back home and in bed within the hour.

All-in-all, a good night of music, but my next day on Rdio was spent making an epic playlist of music recommended to me from the day before, and not Passion Pit. 7/10.

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