Our Talk with Little Dragon

Little Dragon is a little band from Gothburg, Sweden. It’s been almost two years since they set foot in Toronto but they are coming back shortly for Canadian Music Week, and the Indies, where they will show Canadians how Sweden does synth pop indie rock.

Little Dragon is made up of four members, Yukimo Nagano (vocals, percussion), Erik Bodin (drums), Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards), and Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass). I had the opportunity to speak with Erik about their upcoming album, the tour and their upcoming CMW show… oh, and poutine.

Me: Are you excited for your upcoming CMW performance?
Erik: Yes, very much

Me: When was the last time you were in Canada?
Erik: Since 2 years ago, or more. Last time we played at Wrongbar.

Me: This time you are playing at KoolHaus, it will be a much bigger venue.
Erik: Oh will it? That’s great.

Me: Where does the name ‘Little Dragon’ come from?
Erik: Well, we were all friends in high school, so when Yukimo was a teenager she used to throw mini tantrums so we teased her and called her ‘Little Dragon.’ She wasn’t very terrifying, but she was very angry.


Me: How did the band meet?
Erik: In highschool. We went to a music oriented highschool, a School of Arts. I believe it is something like “Fame,” like you have in North America. We connected because of our similar love for the passion of music. We bonded over it. We used to jam out at first, just make music together.

Little Dragon

Me: What is it like to be in a band with friends you’ve known for so long?
Erik: Well it’s the only band I’ve been in, so I have nothing to compare it to. It’s great. Great, because you know each other inside out. It means we can be very honest, sometimes too honest. We’ve spent so much time together, we can really have fun in it. We’ve progressed so much. It’s the best. It gives you a sense of security.

Me: Your album Nabuma Rubberband is launching next month, congratulations!
Erik: Thank you
Me: What was the inspiration behind the album?
Erik: Same as it ever was. The music. This time, we took a lot of time, we had a year and a half off from touring. We were home and had time to make a lot of material. There was no pressure. I guess that was the inspiration, time. That was a big inspiration.

Me: Will you be playing anything from the new album at Canadian Music Week?
Erik: Yes, we will be playing a lot of new material, trying out a lot of new songs. It will be the usual, high energy, lots of dance jams.

Me: What has been your favourite thing about playing in Canada in the past?
Erik: We went to a festival in Canada and it had the best food. Not just the best food at a festival but the best food ever. Like ever.

Me: Let me guess, it was Osheaga?
Erik: Yes!
Me: They’re known for that, I got to try the backstage catering last year and I agree, best ever.

Me: Have you tried Canadian cuisine?
Erik: No, what is that?

Me: Poutine.
Erik: Really? What is poutine?

Me: Fries, cheese and gravy. You’ll have to try it.
Erik: Sounds nutritious. We like playing in Canada, not to make assumptions but in Canada, people seem more chilled out, more relaxed.

Me: That’s a compliment, thank you! Do you have any upcoming news you want to share with your fans?
Erik: Besides the whole new album? Our second single, Paris, the video is coming out soon. But mostly just the launch of the album.

For more information on Little Dragon’s tour check out their microsite: http://www.nabumarubberband.com/

Don’t miss their CMW performance at KoolHaus on May 10th.

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