Kiasmos @ The Drake: Toronto’s electronic music scene finally gets with it


The first piece I have ever written for Naked Underground TO was #Staffpick Kiasmos’ self-titled album review. At 4 AM I couldn’t sleep. While on a work trip, I was standing in the middle of Istanbul’s Taksim Square where just months before protests took place, facing the sky, catching early snowflakes to the opening beats of KiasmosKEXP broadcast from Iceland on my headphones. The set knowingly leads as you follow blindly – how’s that for chiasmus? If there is one lame thing you should try in your life it would be listening to great track in a public place with your eyes closed, at a godforesaken hour, in a foreign country …because hell, no one knows who you are and you can be whatever you want, sentimental and all. This was therapeutic, resonating. “THIS,” said Zoi of Toronto’s own Talal & Zoi DJ duo when he sent me the podcast a few weeks earlier. While I’ve been privy to Ólafur’s classical production, I was unfamiliar with the joint project with Janus that is Kiasmos; the rabbit hole of it all got the Alice in me down – singularity. The minimal beat, the classic melody, it was all too simple for me to know that the back end was probably much more complex for me to grasp without a pen and paper; like a Fourier series.

While their backgrounds could not be any more erratic, Ólafur and Janus converge on the fundamentals minimal music: the stripped-down, raw sound kept only to what is essential to make the listener pulse through stasis and transformation of the piece. This is mirrored in their latest self-titled LP, Kiasmos (Erased Tapes, 2014).

They are here. In Toronto. May 30th, 2015 at the Drake Underground. It would be pretty asinine to deny yourself of this experience because the sheer realization that some productions don’t need black & denim clad booth service to be satisfying is ridiculous in our insatiable times of sensory overload – you/I could be wrong.

Thank you, While some of us have been pondering why these guys haven’t been booked in Toronto yet, you took that chance. Meet me at the stage. I’ll be there with my eyes closed, face up recalibrating snowflakes to summer beams, Istanbul to Toronto, because sets like these don’t go outta style.


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