Hello, Operators?

When I had first moved to Montreal to go to university from a very small town in B.C. I was introduced to a whole new music scene that had never been available to me. Unknown (at the time) bands like Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene made the rounds at bars, among them was Montreal formed band, Wolf Parade.

Wolf Parade was an early love of mine. I went with a friend to see them at Le National in Montreal because she had an extra ticket. We were both really sick, having caught the same cold but couldn’t bear missing live music to which we already had tickets. From the moment they hit the stage I was entranced. The frenzied, rhythmic indie rock followed no tradition, no algorithm and each song was like it’s own moment in time, I was hooked. Apologies to the Queen Mary remains one of my favourite albums of all time. Wolf Parade developed a cult following and received critical acclaim. They officially disbanded in 2012 but the frontmen of the band, Spencer Krug (who also hails from my aforementioned small B.C. town) and Dan Boeckner, went on to form several other successful bands. Krug formed Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake and releases solo music under the name Moonface, he has a new song out, check it out below.


Dan Boeckner went on to form Handsome Furs with his wife, and then Divine Fitz. This weekend at CMW 2014 I was given the opportunity see the latest instalment, Operators, play at the Silver Dollar Room. While I have liked some of his past bands, I haven’t fallen for one this hard since Wolf Parade. Boeckner brought the organized chaos of his other bands, while weaving in Wolf Parade like keys, and catchy vocals which resulted in the new sound that is Operators. The show was epic, and the crowd was so hyped up and excited to be a part of something new and exciting. What made it event more special? Dan invited Japandriods up on stage to join him in playing Wolf Parade’s This Hearts on Fire.

While there is no date set for the release of their EP, you can be sure we will be looking forward to it. There isn’t much of Operators online yet, so I’ve compiled some videos so you can enjoy the nostalgia and the music with me.

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