Harrison drops Vanilla (feat Ryan Hemsworth)

Source - Vice

Harrison. (Photo Credit- Vice)

It’s that time of the year again, Toronto is slowly starting to warm up and we’re all getting our pasty bodies ready for summer by cramming onto patios city wide. Festival season is almost upon us (CMW is a week away!!) and artists are already releasing songs we’ll all be jamming to when summer finally comes. Harrison is one of these, the young Torontonian who lit up Bestival and came to mainstream attention last summer is back. He has been teasing us with mixes and remixes for the last year and just last month we were treated to ”It’s Okay I Promise”, an RnB/Soul jam featuring Toronto rapper Clairmont The Second.

Last week (on 4/20 to be precise) Harrison dropped ‘’Vanilla’’. A collaboration with Ryan Hemsworth via Secret Songs. The upbeat, Super Mario-esque tune is basically dipped in all things sun & summer. After listening to the taster on repeat, I’ve been overloading my tiny British ears with everything Harrison I can find, getting ready for the launch of his upcoming LP with Last Gang Records.

Check out both tracks and if you want more Harrison and a bit of Ryan Hemsworth to boot, you can find both of them playing with (the very talented) RYAN Playground at The Hoxton on May 27th.

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