Concert Review : Gutter Demons are BACK!

Last Saturday marked the reunion of Montreal’s own Gutter Demons at Club Soda. The psychobilly connoisseurs decided to call it quits after 7 years of rocking together and 3 studio albums, but it’s the Anachronik Festival who brought them back together – and it couldn’t of come soon enough. Their decked out fans were more than ready to party with their favorite demons.
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Gutter Demons are known for their passionate stage shows, punk rock power and red-blooded rockabilly background.  Their lyrics are deep, dark and gloomy, and their stage presence does not disappoint. The boys: Flipper on stand-up bass, Custom Pat on drums and Johnny Toxik on guitar and vocals; took the stage as if they had never left, owning it for the entire set.
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I had never seen the Gutter Demons live, but had heard a lot about their shows in the past. Needless to say, I was incredibly intrigued to see what all the hype was about. Right from the start, their intro generated an assortment of ohhs and ahhs from the crowd: the members of the band emerged from individual coffins, which had a light show projected onto them. Very creepy, and a great way to kick things off. I was instantly hooked.

The rest of the night was spent between the deep thumping of the bass, the voodoo beats of the drums, and the storytelling by Toxik.  You couldn’t help but enjoy yourself,  submerged in the rockabilly ambiance, surrounded by beautiful girls with the curled up hair and red lipstick, and classic cool greaser dudes with cuffed pants and wallet chains. The show was eerie and intense, with great music and a great crowd.

Gutter Demons’ unique approach to psychobilly music makes the band stand out from the lot, which is the key to the success they had and still have with fans everywhere. Their mix of English and French lyrics, and incredible stage presence screams rock and roll with a terrifying twist. Consider me won over, I will definitely be at the next Gutter Demons show!

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