Electric Island Opener

It was the last day of the May “Two-Four” weekend — or just the “May Long”, depending on what part of the country you hail from — and we were three for three for awesome weather. What better way to burn off a weekend of backyard BBQs and patio pints than dancing all day to the ground-shaking bass of multiple DJs on an (electric) island?

I ended up missing the first DJ — the island ferry was on holiday schedule and let’s be honest, being ready to go before noon on the last day of a long weekend is always a chore — but got there just in time to experience Simon Jain. Though the crowd was still trickling in, Simon was all smiles getting people (and a pickle!) dancing. At one point you could hear a sample demanding the DJ to “give us that funky-ass bass line” and he did just that. After his set he was hanging out just like the rest of us; he was definitely well-liked.

Next up was Tom Trago and some deeeeeeep bass. Probably my favourite of the day, Tom played a double set — not quite sure what happened to Lee Burridge— and let’s just say, there may be a lot of babies born nine months from now, because that bass and the unsurprising lack of clothing were definitely an aphrodisiac. Well known in Amsterdam, Trago was definitely my kind of DJ and I definitely added him to my Rdio rotation.

By the time Pan Pot and then Steve Lawler — came on, the mood had turned “dance club”. The crowds were larger, the lineups longer and the sun occasionally hid behind the clouds. It was probably a good thing it started to cool down because the dance floor really heated up. Maybe it was the long hours in the sun or the excessive youth, but I started to feel the day begin to wear on me, and my attention was waning. I decided to catch the 8:30 pm ferry back to the mainland and call it a night. I missed the last act, which I’m sure was fantastic, but I also didn’t feel like dealing with large crowds of sweaty youth all trying to get onto a boat. Overall, a great day, and I’d recommend checking out the other Electric Island events happening this summer.

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