Drake Releases Music Video for Summer Hit, “Hotline Bling”


Screenshot from Drake’s music video “Hotline Bling” via Apple Music.

Over the course of the summer, one track in particular dominated the airwaves — Drake’s Hotline Bling. From July 31st until present day, Hotline Bling” has remained one of, if not the most played song on radio stations operating in the Greater Toronto Area.

The track also rests at number 10 on the Billboard top-100 chart. On Monday, the Toronto-native hip-hop star released the highly anticipated music video for the song, immediately recieving attention from press organizations and fans worldwide.

However, most of this attention is not about the music video itself, but rather Drake’s drunk-uncle-at-a-family-reunion-esque dancing showcased in it.



The music video was met with mixed feelings from fans and a variety of creative and very hilarious memes and videos poking fun at Drake’s dancing skills.

Personally, I loved the video and felt that the set design and pale lighting complimented Drake’s overall style. However, D.R.A.M., the artist of “Cha Cha,” (the song that inspired “Hotline Bling,”) seemed to be unimpressed by it, claiming that Drake jacked his sound completely for Hotline Bling. D.R.A.M. took to Twitter to voice his opinion, saying that he felt “jacked” for his record, and that playing in Toronto on Monday was “bittersweet.”

Are the two songs really that similar to each other? Watch both music videos by following the links below to find out.

Drake – Hotline Bling (Official Music Video)
D.R.A.M. – Cha Cha (Official Music Video) 





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