Contemporary Soundcloud Artists You’ve Never Heard Of

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Over the past few years, I’ve been falling deeper in love with the music filling the airwaves of the music streaming website Soundcloud. Upon almost every visit, I return to iTunes with one or two gems to be exported onto my phone. Lucky for you, I enjoy sharing so much that I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my favourite findings that I can almost guarantee you have never heard before.


Swedish-based producer PIMA is new to SoundCloud and has a modest following of only 18 followers. Despite his freshly established presence on the site, PIMA effortlessly strings together dreamy, low end soundscapes with booming 808s and stylish high-hat patterns in a fashion that reminds me of a good first date: something that’s kind of quiet and confusing at the beginning but blossoms into something natural and heartfelt by the end. Listen to Øhis only track, below:


Last May, SoundCloud user -Kid blessed all 377 of his followers with a top-notch composition of tracks by various underground Toronto hip-hop artists such as Pickering-native Sean Leon, Derek Wise and Drew Howard. The mixtape paints a dark, melancholic picture of fast money, hard drug use, lost love and paranoia through vocals drowned in reverb and gritty beats sculpted from heartbreak and stone. This compilation alone has proved that the six has most definitely established its own sound for hip-hop music, as well as set a standard for production and lyricism for artists in the GTA. Favourite Tracks: Jimmy Johnson — Sun Goes Down, Sean Leon — The City I & II, Drew Howard — Uncle Tona. Listen to the mixtape below:


Last week, Sydney, Australia-based “astral soul” group Twin Caverns released their debut EP, Glass Balloon, via SoundCloud and iTunes. Boasting only roughly 2,500 SC followers, the group is relatively unknown and has only recently brought their effortlessly down-tempo sound to surface. The EP carries with it a smooth mixture of plucky Spanish guitar and smooth synths that flow beautifully with one another. This mixture is paired with quaint, lulling vocals that dance over glitchy, computer-driven samples, fluttering drums and wooden flutes. Favourite tracks: PyramidUndiscover and Truth. Stream the EP below or purchase the EP via iTunes here.


7 Day EP

On April 13, US-based producer Alexander Lewis released a new body of work entitled The 7 Day EP to his nearly 17, 000 strong SoundCloud fan base. The composition is a refreshing take on the increasingly stale genre of electronic dance music and glitch-hop and pairs smooth jazz samples with bouncy basslines to yield a genre that blurs the lines between trap, disco and future bass. Anybody that chooses to treat themselves to these tracks are guaranteed to channel their inner Tony Manero (it’s okay to dance in the mirror, we’re not watching). Favourite tracks: Day 4 – Body, Day 5 – Call, Day 7 – Jane.

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