Concert review – We are Wolves at Anachronik

Saturday night’s Anakronik Festival headliner, We Are Wolves, delivered a performance true to their nature: powerful, energetic and sweaty. Wrapping up their Quebec tour with this last show at Le Club Soda, the Montreal based trio came up far from short: with a set over an hour long,  full of original songs mainly from their latest album La Mort Pop Club and their signature Black Sabbath “Paranoid” cover. We were given all the synth filled, post punk punch to the face attitude so many of us keep coming back for.

imageGreeted in true wolf style, the bands rhythmic chants of mashed up lyrics and loud key sounds transported fans to a place where reality meets the surreal. This proved to be one of the bands best performances as their infectious energy moved the crowd to a dancing frenzy. The band even surprised their fans by bringing in The Cheap ThrillsDavid Hener (lead singer..who was perhaps a bit surprised himself!) on stage, to cover for singer Alex Ortiz while he got his pack some shots. Yeah, that’s just how they roll.

photo 2

Along with  Ortiz, Vincent Levesque (synths) & Pierre -Luc Bégin (drums), proved to us that their primitive sound is most fitting to the band’s name. Whether it be the costumes, hypnotic moves or animalistic lyrics, We Are Wolves has left me, like others, howling for more.

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