Catching Up With The Elwins

Since the 2012 release of their debut album, And I Thank You, The Elwins have been touring and picking up large pockets of fans all over the world. This year alone, The Elwins have toured Canada, the UK and Europe. With their tour coming to a close and a new album on the horizon, I thought it was high time to catch up with these loveable guys.

The Keswick-based band played a lively set this past Wednesday at Lee’s Palace. The crowd bursted with enthusiasm as The Elwins played a teensy teaser of some new tracks off the upcoming album – all upbeat with colourful guitar riffs. I stood in the crowd desperately attempting to scribble down notes but was caught up in a massive dance mob. Needless to say, The Elwins music can make even the most unwilling dance.

Although The Elwins are keeping the exact date and title of the album hush-hush, Travis, the band’s drummer, did say it will be “more on the rock side.”

the elwins_min

I met with The Elwins behind Lee’s Palace, one of the grungier rock bars in Toronto. We were surrounded by dumpsters and graffiti but it made for a quirky experience with an even quirkier band. Bassist Frankie wore matching floral pattern shirts with keyboardist and guitarist, Feurd. Indeed, the entire band’s style was on point. 

Naturally, the band’s first inclination was to discuss their on-stage spirit animals. Travis describes his personal stage animal as something of an oyster: “I sit down and I open up, play a song, have a sip of water, do my thing.” Frankie considers himself to be a deer, saying, “sometimes my legs buckle and it reminds me of Bambi.” If you ever get the chance to see them live, you’ll realize just how accurate this is. 

When they aren’t taking over the stage and performing synchronized jumps and dance moves for their fans, The Elwins travel in their tour van. Feurd serves as the band’s assigned driver, while Travis takes on the DJing duties, playing stuff like Patton Oswalt’s stand-up comedy or the new Weezer record.

After they release their much-anticipated album in 2015, The Elwins will be touring Japan and China in May. What’s on their to-do list for the upcoming tour? None of them have been to either country, so they want to explore as much as they can. You can follow their adventures and see how big they are in Japan through their Facebook and Instagram account. And yes, there are cat pictures on there. 

Stay tuned to find out when the new album rolls out next year.

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