Building Bridges with Broods

Broods is a band consisting of a brother and sister duo from Auckland, New Zealand. Georgia Nott is on lead vocals and is accompanied by her older brother Caleb Nott who plays multiple instruments, supports with backing vocals and manages production. Having recently become recognized in the beginning of 2014, with their debut EP that was released on January 30th, they have quickly become known internationally. Caleb is 21 and Georgia is only 19, making them a young group destined for big things.

I got a chance to speak with Caleb of the synthpop duo about their upcoming Canadian Music Week show.

N_: Are you excited for CMW?
Caleb: We can’t wait. Canada is at the top of our list of places we want to visit. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

N_: So it will be your first time in Canada?
Caleb: Yes, first time. We are also playing Vancouver.

N_: Where does the name ‘Broods” come from?
Caleb: It comes from the term ‘Brood’ as in the young of an animal, it says in the dictionary. It is also cause we have dark and broody music, it is a play on both of those things.

N_: What is it like to play in a band with family?
Caleb: Super easy, man, you know each other’s dynamics, you’ve known each other your whole lives. There’s family support when you’re travelling the world. You’re experiencing all this stuff, you can experience it together.


N_: Would you let in any other members of your family?
Caleb: Sure, I guess our younger sisters.

N_: So have you done a lot of travelling?
Caleb: Through the states, I mean, when we were younger with our family. Earlier this year we travelled in the States and the UK. Now we’re going to be coming back to the States and Canada.

N_: Your first EP debuted in January 2014, what has it been like since you launched?
Caleb: Everything moves so quickly , we are still adjusting to this new lifestyle.

N_: What is your favourite show that you’ve played, so far?
Caleb: Hmmm.. the last one we played in New York probably. At this music hall, there were like 600 people. .

N_: What inspired the song “Never Gonna Change”?
Caleb: Georgia broke up with a guy one day and she just wanted to write something you can just cry to. Something that doesn’t have a resolution. Just that point where you just want to feel sorry for yourself.

N_: What inspired the overall sound of the album, as it is quite dark but with a electro synth overtone?
Caleb: I don’t know. We did a lot of experimenting. We wrote a whole lot of music, picked up what we thought was the most ‘us’ and I think this was it. We wanted to write electronic music, but in a way that was ‘us’ and that’s what came out. We had never written anything like it before.

N_: Congrats on your recent success, is there any upcoming news?
Caleb: We are going to do a bunch of touring and then finish the album off. We are touring with Ellie Goulding in Australia for a bit. But then finish the album off in August, late August/September.

Check out Broods tonight at the Drake Underground for Canadian Music Week at 11pm.

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