A Band of Horses, minus the Horses

bnd of hrses

“Where are the horses?” was just one of the questions posed by a chatty crowd during the acoustic Band of Horses show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Feb 21. The acoustic tour has the band members playing all acoustic versions of their songs. They chose comfortable seated venues and the stage display was set up to feel as though we were home, with Band of Horses, just jamming in the living room. The band members were relaxed, joking around with each other and the crowd in between songs.

Having been to a lot of shows, this was a different experience for me. Instead of a launch of a new album, the guys played a mix of their albums and songs with new acoustic twists. A highlight was “No one’s Gonna Love You” which was accompanied by the stand up base played with a bow. It made my soul sore.

In the end, I walked away more in love with Band of Horses than when I walked in, which was a tough feat considering they’re one of my favourites.

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