Pucker Up Under the Rainbow for The Black Lips At Corona

The Black Lips have just released their seventh studio album, Underneath The Rainbow, which you could also stream for free on the band’s homepage. And the spirit of giving is all over this album, if what you want you want is the purest form of awesome Black Lips sound: a twangy lo-fi collection of the catchiest of hooks with shamelessly earnest vocals. This could be a greatest hits album spanning the best of all their sounds, if the songs weren’t all new.

But what you really want is a legendary Black Lips performance of screaming, tripping, spitting, wailing, crashing, dancing and honest sweaty rock party sweetness. Also, you should never miss an opportunity to see a show at old The Corona Theatre.

Here’s the official video for the first track, called “Boys In The Wood.” It’s a great piece of violent Americana:

And here’s them performing their awesome song “O Katrina” live in their legendary jacked-up frenetic showmanship:

Black Lips will be performing at Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre on April 21st with special guests Natural Child and Red Mass. Get your tickets here.

Black Lips

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