An interview with Camille Poliquin of Milk&Bone

A few days ago, I had the chance to interview Camille Poliquin, one half of the electro-pop duo Milk&Bone. As they get ready for their 1st CMW show, Naked Underground wanted to touch base with them and share with you guys a little background on these rising stars.

From what I had learned, Camille Poliquin (22) and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne (24) met as students in the music program at Saint-Laurent. Shortly thereafter, they started making music together. I want to imagine that their encounter was quite the auspicious happenstance and a gift to music lovers everywhere.

Naked Underground: So, your first time at CMW? How do you feel? Excited/scared?

Camille: I’m feeling very excited! To be honest, I’ve never actually been to CMW so I have no idea what to expect.

NU: Are there any shows or bands you want to check out?
Camille: I will definitely check out some bands though! I probably won’t be able to see them all play, but the bands I’d like to see are Billy Talent, COASTS, Daniel Lanois, Death Cab, Family of the Year, Låpsley, Secret Sun, Solids, The Antlers, The Jesus and Mary Chain (!!!!!), Twin Peaks and VERITE. You can probably tell I went through the artists’ lineup alphabetically.

NU: Were you born in Montreal? From what I gather this is the city you identify with.
Camille: We were both born in Montreal and this is definitely the city we call home. We love to travel all around, but it always feels amazing to come home.

NU: How did you two come together?
Camille: Laurence and I met back when we were studying music. We were then brought together by other people to work on certain projects. Slowly, we became very good friends and started working more and more together.

NU: Did the band formed out of organic/Osmosis or design. — I’ve read that before you were Milk&Bone, you used to be backup singers…when did that change into making your own music?
Camille: I personally was always my own music. Being a backup singer was my job, like you’d get a job in a coffeeshop or something. I was just very lucky to be able to sing as my “day job”. The moment I was able to sort of do a little less of back up and a little more of my own, I took the opportunity. The band was sort of born by itself, but in a very conscious way. Laurence and I had been working separately on our music, and at some point people were asking us to sing together a lot. We liked the way we worked together and just decided to work on our songs together.

NU: And what have been your inspirations, in music and otherwise?
Camille: We get inspired by everyday life. Every song we write comes from something that’s really happening to us. Sometimes it’s very literal, and some other times we base a story on a certain little detail and then build around it. As for music wise, we love bands like Beach House, Purity Ring, James Blake, FKA Twigs, but also Beyoncé and Rihanna!

NU: The name Milk&Bone…I absolutely love it: it makes me feel creepy and silky, which I know doesn’t make any sense …Where does that come from?
Camille: I couldn’t really tell you where it comes from. We knew we wanted a name that had two distinct identities in it. So we could each identify with a name and not be stuck together in one word. And by the time we knew that, we sort of each found a name that suited us.

NU: I want to ask you about you 1st project, Little Mourning. When did you know you/it was ready? How did it come about?
Camille: Little Mourning was a long process. At first, we just wanted to record a song. Then we liked the song, and wanted to maybe record an EP. We released the first song, the response was great, and we thought, well why not make an album then? It was always a work in progress, until the very end. At one point, we just sort of felt like the album was complete Although it’s very short, we didn’t feel like it would be natural to add anything else to it. It just felt like an object we felt good about!

NU: Basically…how do you create? Where do you start from?
Camille: One of us writes a little bit of song, shows it to the other, the other either approves or disapproves of it, but if we both agree we’d like to work on the song, we start from there! We work on melody, lyrics and chords together, and when we’re happy with the song structure, we take it to the studio where we work on the arrangements with our friend and producer Gabriel Gagnon.

NU:  I love your musical (style) choice and direction. Do you feel the Electro Pop umbrella under which you have been put is fitting?
Camille: I don’t know if any independent or alternative music should have a genre stuck to it. I feel like you’re always adding so many words to it. Electro Pop? Electro Synth Pop? Electro Synth Witch Pop? But honestly, Electro Pop is fine 🙂

NU: Finally, is there anything you would like to share with your current and soon-to-be fans and Naked Underground?
Camille: hmm… Nice to meet you!
She’s so lovely!

Milk&Bone’s 1st project is called Little Mourning and was just released last month,on March 30th in Canada. The Album  can be purchased on iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon

CMW info:
Milk & Bone will be performing at The Great Hall at 7:30PM on May 8th. If you don’t have a wrist band, I strongly suggest you buy yourself a ticket to check them out.
See you there!?




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