It’s Almost Here! Your Official N_ Guide to CMW

It’s one of my favourite weeks of the year and it’s right around the corner. Canadian Music Week 2014 is almost here. Canadian Music Week marks the end of winter and the start of possibilities. A full week of live shows, where bands take over the city of Toronto. I’m not sure how I will see all the shows I plan to but I sure am excited to try. The schedule is listed on the CMW Website. However, it’s a beast. If this is your first time to the rodeo, or you are just overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it, we’ve come up with a guide to help you manoeuvre the week. To make it really easy, we have broken it down by venue, showcase and will highlight some of the bands we are most excited to see.

THE VENUES: We all know a good venue can make a good night so in case you find yourself overwhelmed by the schedule or not familiar with the line ups, here are our favourite places that will ensure a good night be had by all.

The Dakota Tavern
Sneaky Dee’s
The Silver Dollar Room
Horseshoe Tavern
Lee’s Palace
Drake Underground
Cameron House

THE SCHEDULE: We’ve chosen our highlights of shows we think are going to be great. That being said, often the best thing about CMW is stumbling across an amazing band and discovering new local music so we are looking forward to doing just that. If you are looking for some direction. Here are our top picks for the CMW 2014 highlights.

Tuesday May 6th, 2014

It’s a quiet start – I suggest you go check out your local CMW bar and see some new music.

Wednesday May 7th, 2014

Hard Luck Bar

HIGHS @ 10:00pm

Check out local Toronto Artists, HIGHS, also playing 2 other shows throughout CMW.

Drake Underground

Broods @ 11:00pm

Broods are ethereal synth indie with house undertones and female vocals. They are reminiscent of Zero 7

The Garrison – M for Montreal

M for Montreal always puts on a great night. The bands featured at The Garrison are an eclectic mix. A band to check out is Maica Mia as they have a unique Bjork-like vibe.

Maica Mia @ 11:00 pm
Mas Aya @ 12:00
Mozart’s sister @ 1:00 am

Thursday May 8th, 2014

C’est What

Ivy Coast @ 1:00am

If you’re looking for a chill night at a pub, this is a great spot to hit. Ivy Coast is playing at 1:00 am and their twangy bluegrass folk will sooth your country soul. Seriously though, reminiscent of First Aid Kit, this young group has a solid sound.

Adelaide Hall

Living with Lions @ 1:00am

These guys remind me of something I would listen to in high school when I was more into the punk thing. They do it well, so join me to relive my youth at 1 am.

Lounge Bar (Marriott Hotel) – CBC Music Lounge

The Brothers Landreth @ 1:30pm

Because this is during the day I will probably have to listen to CBC music on the radio, but I will definitely be tuning in to hear The Brothers Landreth and their blues-y sound and soothing vocals.

Virgin Mobile Mod Club

The Lighthouse and the Whaler @ 8:00 pm

Friday May 9th , 2014


Jordan Klassen @ 1:30pm

Baltic Avenue

Bill and Murray @ 8:00 pm

They had me at the name, this group is synthy and will satisfy your need to do a little dancing this CMW.

Silver Dollar

We are Wolves @ 8:00pm

One of our favourite Montreal based groups – last year we had the opportunity of watching these guys play on a boat in the Toronto harbour. These guys put on a great show.

Massey Hall

The Dodos @ 8:00 pm
Neko Case @ 9:15pm

Tickets available through the Concert Lottery only. This is a big ticket show, so buy yours now. It’ll be a good one.

Sneaky Dee’s Poutine Party – M for Montreal & Audio Blood

International Zombies of Love @ 10:00pm
HIGHS @ 11:00 pm
Lisa Leblanc @ 12:00 am
Random Recipe @ 1:00 am

Sneaky Dee’s and M for Montreal are hosting their annual Poutine Party with a great line up. Poutine and music? Yes please.

The Great Hall

Woods @ 10:30pm

Gladstone Hotel (North Ballroom) – Alberta Music & Saskmusic

Just the name of this night had me sold – not sure if you have noticed my love of bluegrass yet.

Close Talker @ 11:00 pm
The Dead South @ 1:00 am

The Dead South are real old school down ‘n’ dirty bluegrass. Get your Hoe Down ready. Close Talker is reminiscent of The Dodos (playing at Massey Hall earlier this evening) but with more soothing vocals.

The Dakota Tavern 

The High Dials @ 11:00 pm

Rancho Relaxo

Brothers of North @ 11:00 pm

Saturday May 10th, 2014

The day of all days.

Silver Dollar – POP Montreal/Next Showcase

BlueVenus @ 8:00pm
Motel Raphael @ 9:00pm
Grounders @ 11:00pm

Kool Haus – It’s THE INDIES

You might be pumped for the Oscars, but here at Naked Underground,we get pumped for the Indies! Last year we wandered into this little awards event by accident and had the best time ever. There was also a 4am tattoo incident but that’s a story for another day.
This year, the Indies will feature:

Mounties @ 10:00 pm
Little Dragon @ 11:00pm

Awards all night.

Adelaide Hall – Osheaga & Life or Death PR Present

(Also known as the best night ever)

We are Wolves @ 9:30pm
Wildlife @ 12:00 am

They’re two of our favourite locals bands, need I say more?

Bovine Sex Club

The High Dials @ 12:00am

(Check out our interview with them here)

Tattoo Queen West – CMW Presents

M.I.A. @ 11:00pm

You can get access to this guaranteed-to-be-epic show by heading to Tattoo Queen West (567 Queen Street) on April 30th at 6pm where they will be handing out 200 free wristbands.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Canadian Music Week has to offer. Check out the schedule and stay tuned for more interviews and inside information to come.