Watch This! Why We Should All Want to be Inside Amy Schumer

Stand-up comic, writer, producer, brain surgeon, Olympic athlete, first super model in space—Amy Schumer can do it all (some of those may or may not be false, but the point is she could do it if she put her mind to it). Let’s take a look at her recent ventures. The film she wrote and starred in, Trainwreck with Judd Apatow comes out this summer. She recently hosted the MTV Movie Awards and stockpiled them with female masturbation jokes even though I’m SURE the demographic was geared towards 11 year olds. She also found time to “collapse” in front of demi-Gods, Kim and Ye at Time 100’s Red Carpet. However, it’s her show Inside Amy Schumer that has cemented Amy as an undoubtedly powerful cultural leader.

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 21:  Kanye West,  Kim Kardashian West and Amy Schumer attend TIME 100 Gala, TIME's 100 Most Influential People In The World at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 21, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIME)

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 21: Walking (crawling) the red carpet. If Joan Rivers were alive (RIP never forget), she’d ask “Who are you wearing” and Amy would reply with “Haus of Shoe Dirt and Dust Bunnies”.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur)

No, Inside Amy Schumer isn’t a weekly broadcasting of Amy’s routine colonoscopy. Inside Amy is part stand-up, part on the street interviews, and part sketch comedy. Now in it’s third season, this Comedy Central show was recently awarded with a PEABODY (!!!)—so if you haven’t watched it/ stumbled upon one clip on Youtube and thought “eh this isn’t for me”, then are you one of those people that think girls aren’t funny? Do we need to have a sit down conversation about this? Do I need to call your mother? Or the doctor who gave birth to you so they can slap you upside the ass once again?

So in between your Game of Thrones/Mad Men/ Possible Full House binge, this is why you should be watching Inside Amy (Comedy Network, Tuesdays @ 10:30). To put it simply, it is comedy at its absolute smartest. The premises of her sketches often shot put both political and social topics into the spotlight while calling bullshit on ALL of them. With a strong underlying feminist tone, she presents these topics as applicable to everyone.

In Season 3’s Episode 3 of Inside Amy, she did a 30 minute re-creation of 12 Angry Men. Instead of her innocence in a crime being debated, 12 jurors (Paul Giamatti and Jeff Goldblum among them) debate whether or not she’s hot enough to be on TV. The ridiculousness of this episode posed the questions: What is she even on trial for? What’s the point? Why is it any of their business? Why are they passionately arguing? Why do these men care? The answers to all of those being, YA EXACTLY HELLO DUH DING DING U GET THE POINT.  Amy continually serves realness packaged as hilarity—doing what comedy should always do: reveal something you may already know, but present it in a new way that brings light to that familiarity. She’s the ultimate master of creating A-HA moments.


I saw Amy perform stand-up in Toronto at the Just For Laughs Festival last September. I had the worst tickets because I’m a poor student (accepting applications for sugar daddy, my twitter is @isabellavtorch, send me a DM), and I could still see her BEAUTIFUL BOD from the back of the theatre. But those gams were secondary to the fact that Amy Schumer is brilliant, hilarious and quite possibly one of the brightest voices for this generation. She’s so great, I WOULD watch Inside Amy even if it was 30 minutes of a microscopic camera traveling through her bowels. I bet those bowels are magical.

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