TIDAL… is What?

Yesterday was a big day.  The music industry stood up and said, we have an announcement! They stood on stage and said, we are celebrities! They said: Music! They signed something that said they were committed.. to something! Alicia Keys quoted a bunch of people! Madonna put her leg on a table. It was a day.

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What it was about, in case you, too, are confused, is Jay Z’s new streaming service, Tidal, that costs double any others. Today the internet stood up and said: We like Rdio. And Spotify. And why would we make Jay Z and Rihanna richer while making ourselves poorer by overspending on a service that already exists .. for less?

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The press conference which was supposed to be Ah-Mazing, was kind of awkward. These celebrities just stood there. What’s the message besides: MUSIC.? Spend money on Tidal? What makes it different or better than Rdio or Spotify? I’m currently listening to Spotify streaming Cold War Kids. While I like Jack White and Arcade Fire.. seeing them standing on a stage awkwardly to the sound of one poor soul in the audience cheering didn’t do much to encourage me to sign up for this service. Celebrities! Is all it shouted. I mean, what’s the hook. How is it different? Besides that it is going to make Jay Z more money. He bought it for 56 million, does he really need my money? If anything I need his, I could use some more spring clothes. For $20 I could buy an album on iTunes. Or save $20 each month and buy tickets to Way Home Festival. That’s how I could bolster my love of music with my money.

All in all: the press conference was weird. What a waste of talent, celebrité and probably a sh*t-ton of money.

The full press conference:

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