Pride Month Kicks Off in Toronto

The city’s LGBTQ community is excited for the the summer, as they should be.

June 24 marks Toronto’s 36th annual parade. More importantly, this year is the first in which Canada will have its own month dedicated to LGBTQ rights.

“Movements like [pride] help [people] embrace who [they] are in a world where we’re always made to feel like being ourselves is wrong,” said Marissa-Hawkins-Thompson, 19, an advocate for LGBTQ rights.

“It also helps anyone who’s ‘coming out’ feel like they’re not alone,” she said.

Despite the overwhelming support, LGBTQ higher-ups are still discussing new ways to expand their community outreach.

“The plan is to send the communication out with the information [and] the dates, encouraging students to come out,” said Thomas, a Humber staff member, to the members of Humber college’s LGBTQ committee.

“For sure a lot of them identify with somewhere on the LGBTQ-plus spectrum and then hopefully reaching out to alumni,” he said.

The annual Toronto Pride parade. (Image: Karen Chapelle)

The annual Toronto Pride parade. (Image: Karen Chapelle)

As the spotlight that’s shining on the LGBTQ rights movement grows brighter, a number of people are becoming more open minded.

“I think [the movement] is important because everyone has the right to express themselves and be who they are,” said DeShauna Fitzgerald, a first year nursing student at Humber college.

“No one can tell them how to act or who to be or who to love. Everyone should deserve to be able to be happy,” she said.

Following the surge of support this year, there’s no doubt that major change is expected come pride month, which begins June 1.

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