Photographers Without Borders: The Magazine Launch


Recently, I heard about a project called Photographers Without Borders (PWB). In at attempt to learn more I spoke with Megan Ewing, Creative Director of PWB, who is responsible for the upcoming Magazine Launch event & Exhibit. Check out our interview below and learn why you should be at The Black Cat on Feb. 20.

N_: Tell me about PWB?

Megan: PWB is a non profit organization who sends volunteer photographers and videographers all over the world to give a voice to grassroots organizations who need our help, and we do that through photo(and video) content.

N_: Tell me about the Magazine?

Megan: Our magazine was first launched in August of 2014, with a huge success. This coming February, we will be launching the second issue. This issue will be featuring 11 projects from all over the world that we have done, along with some Q&A’s with organizations/photographers and photos from a photo contest we held for up and coming photographers. We will be launching our Magazine with a party and exhibit on Feb 20, 2015 at The Black Cat in Toronto. 

N_: What will the launch be like?

Megan: The launch should be a great time. We will have an exhibit happening where you can see a photo from each project (that can’t be seen in the magazine), printed and hung on the walls. We will have great music, drinks and snacks along with our magazine on sale at the event. All proceeds from the magazines go to the non profit organizations featured in the magazine. 

N_: How much are tickets?

Megan: No tickets are needed, this is a free event. If you can’t make it on the Friday evening, the exhibit will be on display until the 24th. We are planning some other very exciting things for the other days as well. 

N_: What will the exhibit feature?

Megan: The exhibit will feature 9-11 large images printed and hung on the walls. We will, of course, have the magazine for sale all five days. Throughout the 5 days, we will be having meet and greets with photographers, prize giveaways, presentations and some other exciting things. Stay tuned to the event link for updates

N_: How did you get involved with PWB?

Megan: I had heard about PWB years ago and always wanted to be a part of the photography team but never thought I had the portfolio for it and wasn’t sure how I could help. Mid 2014, I contacted PWB in hopes to go on one of their projects and was lucky and fortunate enough to be hired to travel to Casa Guatemala in Guatemala. It was the journey of a lifetime. When I returned, I approached PWB about being part of the team full time as I wanted to do more and help give a voice to more organizations, who need it. Since I returned from Casa Guatemala, I have been the Creative Director for the organization. It is amazing to be a part of such an incredible organization. I am lucky enough to be heading on one of our 2015 projects very shortly. I will be heading to Mision Gaia in Colombia to do videography alongside a very talented photographer, Michael Bednar.

N_: Where can someone buy the magazine?

Megan: After the 5 days of the exhibit, you can purchase the magazine online on our website.

N_: Explain to me the impact photography has?

Megan: Photography gives everyone a way to see the world in a new light. There are so many things going on in the world that the media may not show, people who need help who can’t share their story, people who have a voice and aren’t sure how to use it.. thats where professional photography and videography can help. We are travelling to grassroots organizations who need help telling their story while giving their organization a voice. After each project, photos and video are used all over social media, our website and wherever the organization wants to use them as well. The photographer is also using them in their own way when they return. With all three people(s)/organization(s) sharing the content, the awareness is being spread and showing the viewers what is happening around the world and hopefully motivating some to help.

For all event details click here.  For more information about PWB go to We hope to see you there.

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