Meeting Through Music: Tastebuds

Music is a huge part of many people’s lives. It provides a sense of relief in a crisis, a sense of self-identity and it relates to you. On Valentine’s Day a lot of us single folks are looking for someone to celebrate with. When asked, I’m sure many would say having the same taste in music is a key factor in dating, so why not start there?

You may ask, how? Well has got you covered. The dating and social network is the new Plenty of Fish, only it’s geared more towards music than general interests when trying to find a mate. The London-based website was founded in 2010 by Alex Parish and Julian Keenaghan. The site does not only connect you with a love interest, for those who are looking for a more platonic connection it helps you find new friends, a concert buddy or just to discover new music.


How does it work? According to the website, “Tastebuds connects you with people nearby who have the most in common with you. All you have to do is share your favourite music and songs to start meeting new people.” There is more information about Tastebuds on their site and in this video interview with Julian Keenaghan..

I dipped my toes in the water on this site just to check it out and I noticed that it is very user friendly. The pages are easy to navigate and you can easily change your preferences to match who you want to meet.  It’s very straight forward (see screenshots in the gallery!) I think the site is a brilliant idea and it has an extensive list of artists when you list your favourite artists on your profile.

It’s a unique approach to bring people together. So far, you can access Tastbuds on the website or download the app (ios only!). No word on when an android app will be released. But hey, at least there’s a website!

Well…What are you waiting for? Take a dab at it, your soul mate could be on the other side of the screen!

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