Google Takes You Around the World in Street Art

I’ve learnt some new things today, first of all Google has a Cultural Institute. Second of all, Google Cultural Institute has created an Art Project where they photograph street art from around the world and feature it on their website as an art exhibit with an audio guide. The audio guide tells you the story behind the art and about the artists involved.

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Photo courtesy of Google Art Project

I have to say, this is one amazing project. The amount of time it must have taken to curate and find out the information behind the art is incredible. It amazes me that I haven’t heard of it before. Grafitti and street art have become more mainstream since Exit Through the Gift Shop highlighted Banksy, renowned street artist. and others in the street art world. It’s a representation of culture and artistry in a bare and unique place. Street art makes a city a more beautiful, interesting place.


Photo Curtesy of Google Art Project

Photo Courtesy of Google Art Project

Google’s Art Project is a great way to showcase art and artists from around the world and I for one think it is an amazing idea. You should take a closer look at the site.

Photo courtesy of Google Art Project

Photo courtesy of Google Art Project

I have to say this made me like Google just a little bit more. Peruse the exhibits today:  Google Art Project: Street Art

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