Gentlemen, Hate Shopping? Let the stylish pros at Bespoke Post do it for you

Like many other men, I lack the mental and biological fortitude to go to a shopping mall after work or on the weekend and just shop. In this instance, I mean ‘just shop’ in the context of not having any particular end game in mind of what you want to buy, and just walking around for hours with a materialistic wanderlust, searching for that special ‘something’ that you don’t even know you need yet, but that you are certain you must have – and it’s waiting for you… somewhere behind those enchanting, Venus-flytrap, store front displays.

Now, with that said, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to get new stuff; it just means that I despise the act of shopping. I could go off on a Sherway Gardens sized rant as to what specifically I hate about shopping (parking, line ups, rude sales people, sore feet, etc.), but what I really think hinders my desire to shop is the overwhelming number of options for anything & everything. I am incapable of settling on a dress shirt or pair of pants or shoes because with all of the options in front of me, how can I be certain that I choose the best one? This single stumbling block has continuously left me asking (in a whiny, nasal tone) – can’t someone else just show me what I should buy?!

Well, you’ll be happy to know that the top-drawer chaps at Bespoke Post have done exactly that. About a year ago I learned about Bespoke Post from the person that knows what I like best – Facebook. A sponsored link for Bespoke Post popped up on my feed and I decided to check it out. After having cruised their website for a while, I decided to subscribe and have not been disappointed.

Here’s a quick look at how it works:

• First you Register  (or ‘Join the Club‘) – it says $45/month, but that’s US – it comes to about $70 CDN/month with delivery
• Each month you are sent an email with that months new item or Box of Awesome 
• You have until the 5th of each month to either ‘Accept’ the item (by not doing anything) or ‘Opting Out’ on the item (at which time you have the choice to either select another Box of Awesome, or not receive an item that month, at no charge)
• You will receive another email once your Box of Awesome has shipped and you typically receive it around mid-end of the month

Additional features of the service:

• For an additional cost, you have the option to supplement your order at anytime with a plethora of Additional Products that compliment that months items (cuff links, steak spices, hatchets, dress socks and so much more!)
• For a quick gift fix, you can also Give a Gift to the person of your choice and have it sent directly to them – boo ya.
• You can find a ton of educational articles on Bespoke Post – from different ways to tie your tie or scarf, to how to class up your apartment – Bespoke Post’s got the modern day gentleman covered

Check out the pics for some of the fantastic Box of Awesome items I’ve received so far:

umbrella and coastersSunglassestiesknifedrink making kitshirts

If you’re thinking of joining, help a brother out and use my referral link below & enjoy your classy, monthly treasures:

For more info, check ’em out on social media: Facebook & Twitter


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