Detox Diet Step 2: Planning

My diet starts in just one short week. I have to admit I am dreading it less and less. I’ve very recently moved into a new apartment, and I must say eating take out for a whole week isn’t as fun as it sounds. Add in the fact that I’ve also found a few inspiring articles out there which are slowly convincing me to give up some of the things I’ve always eaten blindly.

My first instinct was to turn to Gwyneth-the-queen-of-detox-Paltrow’s blog for answers. BEWARE for anyone looking to do a full blown diet, Gwyneth considers a glass of water with a slice of lemon in it a suitable breakfast. I will probably be stealing a few recipe’s here and there from her book, but I will never consider water a meal. To be fair, she was talking about an intensive week-long diet, which isn’t what I’m looking for. I want to be able to feel the changes in my body, I want to settle into a healthier lifestyle (maybe) and I want to be content with what I’m can to eat, instead of hating it.

So here they are, the most common denominators I’ve found, and my main focus points on this diet, which is really to reduce digestive irregularities and toxins:

  1. Drink lots of water – this one is a no brainer, I drink tons of water a day, so maybe add-in a slice of lemon, or a slice of ginger, or drink green tea instead of coffee, to spice things up.
  2. No processed foods – heavily processed food, I should specify, and this one should also be a no brainer. Yet processed foods by definition makes life so much easier!!! By cutting them out I’m eliminating any hidden ingredients, unknown ingredients, and unhealthy processes from my diet, which alone should be enough to cut the craving, still, this worries me a bit. I bought a bag of almonds the other day and the ingredients read “may contain unknown nuts”…. Enough said. (Processed Food Definition)
  3. No gluten (or wheat) – always been a bit skeptical about gluten, but reading up on it has made me realize the negative impact it might be having on my digestive system, and my entire body for that matter. Read the following for other interesting nutrition tips: (11 Most Destructive Nutrition Lies Ever Told)
  4. No soy – any soy products, with of course includes tofu, one of the main sources of protein in my current diet, yet can have incredibly negative side affects, and is still a very controversial ingredient today. (Is Soy Good for You, or Bad?)
  5. No dairy products – this one I’m actually looking forward to as I’m aware most dairy farms use procedures which are extremely devastating to both animals and the environment. I shouldn’t turn a blind eye because I’m addicted to cheese, mainly because dairy ISN’T NECESSARY FOR A HEALTHY DIET (The Negative Effects of Dairy)
  6. Nightshades – I’m not saying NO to these, which are a family of plants including potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, etc. because they seem to affect a small portion of people, digestively speaking. Some people can be hypersensitive to them. While I don’t believe I am one of them, I am still willing to avoid them, as much as possible, or to use them in smaller quantities as they supposedly contain toxins. (What Are Nightshades?)
  7. For the meat eaters out there – no red meat. Try organic meat, slow cooked or steamed. I haven’t read much on it, because I believe meat can successfully be cut out of any diet (YES IT CAN), so if you’re interested, do a little research!!

So there it is. Not so scary after all. What I’ve found most interesting about doing a little research on the topic is how diets really are just an opinion. If you know your body, there is no reason why you can’t adapt anything to your lifestyle. I’ve got my guidelines, I’ll see how it how it all goes down, and I promise to keep you posted on a weekly basis! How I’m feeling, how my body is reacting, how my friends are reacting to me reacting, because I’m sure it’ll all be very, very interesting.

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