Detox Diet Step 1: Realization

I’ve never thought to feel bad for eating what I want.  By no means should this categorize me as an over eater, because it simply isn’t true.  I do think I have respectable eating habits. I eat 3 meals a day, am not big on snacking (except on weekends, come on), and have been a vegetarian for almost 9 years. I am not over-weight, and I love, love, love to cook.  But here I am, willing to put myself through a special diet for a month, just to see what the outcome is.  That diet is a detox diet: not with the spicy water, with actual food.

What would push me to change my eating habits? Simply because I realize my body isn’t as comfortable as I am with what I eat.  This might be an over-share, but don’t be prudish, I’m confident that most women feel the way I do after half (more than half) of my meals; gassy and bloated.  It’s very uncomfortable, particularly around the belt area.  And I know there are a bunch of elements in my regular diet responsible for my malaise.  But how can I pin point them? How can I be assured that cutting out certain produce I’ve always thought were healthy will affect me positively? And more importantly, will I starve?

You should know, this is my first ever diet, and I am terrified.  Note that I’ve never considered going vegetarian “a diet”, it’s really more of a way of life.  But with this I can picture myself sitting at work all day thinking only about food.  Adaptation is key, that I know, but will a drastic change from one day onto the next be advantageous for me, or should I ease into this if I’m changing for a whole month.  Not only that, you should also know that this is a poor man’s (lazy man’s) diet, without any doctors or nutritionist involved.  I’m not being stupid, I’m doing this the good ol’ modern way, with the help of the internet, and hopefully with a little help from my friends.  What should I eat, what should I avoid, how should I cook it, WILL I STARVE?

I’ve set the date to April 1st, April Fool’s. Jokes on me, I get it.

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